About Me

Who I am

Former 8ball pool and snooker player, I was France Champion & n°1 from 1998 to 2001, and Team European Champion 2000.
In 2002, I decided to go back to study on information technology to go on new challenges.
From 2002 to 2006, I was on various positions, technician, technico-commercial, team manager at hotline of Internet providers and telephony in France (SFR, Cegetel, Noos…). 
In 2006, I begin a reconversion to become IT Administrator at the AFPA National School at Metz (France).

From 2007 to the end of 2008, I joined TREKK SAS in Reims, where I was in charge of the deployment and maintenance of a VmWare ESX 3.0 platform, administration of the Windows Servers, Cisco routers and switches and support of the total infrastructure in a 5 men team.
In 2009, I arrived in Belgium to join Vision Ezos, where I began my skills of Microsoft System Engineer through various and varied missions.
I joined Neomytic in November 2011 as part of the deployment, maintenance and administration mission for multiple SharePoint, Project Server and Team Foundation Server platforms within Partena.
In 2016, I leave Belgium to help my brother to open a tourism business in Thailand. My work is based on the creation of the activity, establish communication channels, and administrative actions with the Thai authorities. The project being successful and being sustainable, I am back in Belgium in 2018 to work again with Neomytic.
November 2018, back to Belgium where I started a new mission at Sibelga as a Systems Analyst and SharePoint & Office 365 Engineer, mission finished end of year 2020. On same time, I was a SharePoint Infrastructure Administrator at SoftKinetic, research & development sub-company of Sony until October 2020.

Due to Covid-19 situation in Europe and actual lack of work, I’m back in Thailand at my home, with my wife and my 2 young sons, to begin a new working part of my life : Remote Freelancer.

My 6-D Process



Working in a new environment is always a great experience for both sides and makes the collaboration exciting.



Prepare the mission goals is a mandatory point for any freelancer. The job’s definition must fit perfectly to your requirements and I have to answer perfecty to these.



Architecture and Design, Analysis of the project cannot be taken lighter than any other because the last 3 points depend of the success of this part.



On any freelancer projet, the overall documentation and knowledge base in case of troubleshooting and support, are the key to the success of the project on long term.



Installation, configuration and testing of the new parts or new environment must be successful on all aspects to be able to give the last point of the 6-D Process.



It’s the last step of the 6-D Process and the beginning of the production part. When the overall 6-D Process have been correctly made, the long term will be a great success.

Why Choose Me ?

I have a deep history of responsabilities, success and hard parts of life where i had to accept, face difficulties, wake up and succeed.

This is the proof of my strong mind to give you the best of my work and provide you the requested result of your choice.

My work is always focused on the customer’s satisfaction. Knowledge and confidence are the main keys of my working process

My personal device is completely work dedicated and uses the last technologies to always be on top of the knowledge for any required support on any time.

My 6-D Process have been defined to give the best answer and result to my customers.

Why explain this point ?

Just to show that when I go to work, it’s not to try.

It’s to give my best, to do the work and to achieve it with success.

If you have to call back for any bad part, it’s because of a lack of knowledge.

This won’t happen with me, not only with my knowledge but also by my deep work on issues research and knowledge base constitution.

When you hire an engineer, it’s to have the result of your requirements.

This is why you can have confidence on my 12 years of experience on IT Administration.

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